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Daktari Without Borders - David J. Abbott M.D.

Living Without Borders

I am a daktari without borders. I am not sure when and where borders disappeared from my mind, but sometime in the last quarter century, I became a citizen of the world. Wherever I am on planet earth, I feel at home in my borderless world. Find out what it's like to live without borders.

Everyone Anonymous - Guilt of living my dreams - David J. Abbott M.D.

Guilty of Living My Dreams

When my life is over and on judgment day I stand in the final line up with all the rest, I hope millions of people can point their finger at me, pick me out of the line up, and say, "He's the one. That's definitely him. He's different from the rest. He didn't conform, and he is guilty of living his dreams."

Everything Is A Miracle - David J. Abbott M.D.

Everything Is A Miracle

Everything is a miracle, and every day you are totally immersed in the miraculous. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you are a miracle. From the day of your birth until the day of your death, your cup overflows with the miraculous. Don't trade the miraculous for the merely clever!

Everything Possible Nothing Impossible - David J. Abbott M.D.

Impossible Should Not Be In Your Vocabulary

Faith isn’t something that must be present before you move in the direction of your dreams. Rather it’s something that develops after you start moving. When you start out, you don’t see how your dreams are possible. Nevertheless, the moment you take the first step, faith instantly comes into your life. Never look at faith as the path to a life of leisure. God gave you faith so you could see things other people can’t see and do things other people can’t do.

Fear Doctor - David J. Abbott M.D.

Things I Feared That Never Happened

I could write an entire book called, "Things I Feared That Never Happened," and follow that up with a second book entitled, "I Feared The Wrong Things." Almost always, fear is a waste of time. Most of the things you fear will never happen, and you fear the wrong things. When the hobglobins of fear start dancing in your mind, it's time to refocus on other things. Learn how to squelch the voice of fear with a positive focus!

Fear Dr - The fear Doctor is in - David J. Abbott M.D.

The Fear Doctor Is In

You are never safe from fear and negativity. Unchecked fear can rapidly flush the achievements of a lifetime down the drain. Fear is an ever present and unwanted companion that continually invites you to abandon your dreams.

Freedom Overland - What would Steve Do?  David J. Abbott M.D.

What Would Steve Do?

For me, the dream is all about adventure, freedom, and being really alive. Although I like seeing the sights wherever we go, I think it's the sense of adventure coupled with the freedom to do what I want to do with my life, seasoned with a pinch of adrenalin that makes it all worthwhile.

Imagine, Believe, Receive - More than a legend in your own mind - David J. Abbott M.D.

More Than A Legend in Your Own Mind

The first step in moving toward your dreams is to doubt your limits. Once you doubt your limits, it's almost as if you are born again. You get an entirely new life with radically different rules of engagement. You enter the Promised Land of Imagine, Believe, and Receive. I know this to be true because I have been there.

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