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Positive Expectations Doctor

Is Your Expecter Broken?

My job is to change people's expectations about who they are and what they can do with their lives. Maybe you should take a trip to the Positive Expectations Doctor.

Power of positive expectations

Master the Power of Positive Expectations.

Positive expectations are a self fulfilling prophecy. That's why it's important to ask expectantly, seek expectantly, and knock expectantly. Discover the secret of positive expectations and seven reasons why they are so important.

Expectations doctor.

Learn to Think As God Thinks.

Positive expectations skyrocket when we get in agreement with God about who we are and what we can do with his help. We need to think the way that God thinks. Learn 10 specific areas where you can start thinking the way that God thinks.

The Law of Expectations

The Law of Expectations.

You live in a world ruled by the Law of Expectations. You don't get what you want in life. You get what you expect. No matter how hard you work and how much you hope, it's what you expect that counts. This is what I learned about lighting the fire of positive expectations in my heart and mind.

Powerful Positive Expectations

Powerful Positive Expectations.

I am a purveyor of dreams and high expectations. I can't think of anything more exciting than getting you to believe that it's actually possible to make God's dream for your life come true. Powerful positive expectations took me around the world on my sailboat. It's time for you to discover what powerful positive expectations can do for you.

Self-help affirmations

Affirmations of Self-Destruction

Your brain is an affirming machine that affirms the negative just as easily as the positive; it affirms the bad just as easily as the good. Your brain is positive about many things that are factually untrue, and when you affirm the wrong things, your affirmations actually get you into trouble. Don't ever speak affirmations of self-destruction.

God always helps those who help themselves

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Some people believe they can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The truth is just the opposite. If you ever live your dreams, it will be with the help of other people. And if the real truth be told, whatever you accomplish is a gift from God. You may be more intelligent than Einstein, but if you don't understand that everything you have comes from the hand of God, you are dumber than a log. Here are 17 things you can do to help yourself today.

Self-help Daktari

Work Like Everything Depends on You.

Self-help isn't a mystery. It's simply a partnership with God in which you work like everything depends on you, and you trust like everything depends on God. The reason you work like everything depends on you is because it does. The reason you trust like everything depends on God is because God honors the work you do and rewards you with positive results. This is your opportunity to discover the secret of self-help.

Positive Click Bait has a massive presence on social media. More than 50 facebook pages are updated on a daily basis. There is no easier way to put something positive into your mind every single day.