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Did you ever wonder if God cares about you in a personal way?

I have. Lots of times.

Many times I have asked myself if there is anybody out there, and if anybody cares.

It's not only a fair question, it's also an important one.

If God is out there, if He cares, and if it's possible to connect with him in a personal way, then I want to make that connection. It would add a powerful dimension to my life to have a relationship with a God who walks with me, guides me, and wants me to live as one of his children.

Impediments to belief come in different forms, and for me, one main obstacle to belief was that I could not imagine how God could connect in a personal way with every person who lives on planet earth.

Perhaps that sounds silly, but you have to remember that I am human, and even connecting with a single person is not always easy. Connecting with other people is a big deal, and when it's with more than one person at a time, it's impossible unless you use mass media. And then the connection is only one way, and it's extremely superficial. One person is sending and everybody else is receiving.

With God, it's just the opposite. Everyone is sending, and God is receiving.

God is doing something that I can't do, and I never will be able to do no matter how hard I try. The best I can do is one on one.

It was hard to understand my connection with God until Google came into my life.

Google tracks everything I do on internet. It tracks every site I visit, every order I make, my preferences and my location. It even has a picture of my house. Google knows lots of things about me and does so effortlessly. Google also does it to every other person on the planet who comes up on the World Wide Web.

It turns out that keeping track of what several billion people do is not that difficult. Google even sends people advertisements based on their likes, dislikes, and on who they are.

But whatever Google can do, God can do better, because God cares.

Connecting with more than 5 billion people in the same instant is no big deal to God. He does it all the time, and it's two way communication.

Google tracks me to gather data so it can make billions of dollars. Google wants my data, but doesn't care about me in a personal way.

God is different. God cares about me and about every aspect of my life. God has no interest in my data; in fact, He is not even keeping track. All He wants is to have a relationship with me based on love.

When Jesus talked to God, He almost always used the word Father.

Jesus made it clear that when we open our hearts and minds to God's love, we are born spiritually, and we audaciously dare to call God our Father.

Jesus even said that our Heavenly Father wants to make good things happen in our lives, even more than our earthly fathers want to see our lives full of good things.

God wants to connect with us in a personal way in spite of all our problems, mistakes, and failures. He wants us to be one of his children. He wants us to call Him our Father. And He wants to do it with more than 7 billion people at one time.

We serve an awesome God.

Dr. Dave

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